I’m a writer based in Philadelphia that dabbles in a little bit of everything but mostly film and culture now. I have a bachelors degree in meme usage and an MFA in analyzing and breaking down everything until the atoms have fallen apart, as well as a PhD in being obnoxiously opinionated.

Previously a staff writer for DDS Magazine giving beauty advice to my dark skinned gorls, I’m currently a freelance writer as in I write and pitch whenever I want to because I’m inconsistent. I also own 2 cats that hate each other if you were also interested in that information.

I created this blog as an a safe space for Black girls, people who enjoy candy corn, and are Sugar In Spaghetti truthers because I’m problematic. Creating stories, looking for the next best horror movie, and telling you why this movie sucked is ultimately why I’m here. I also came here to fight, I’m gonna be honest. Weekly.