A Recipe for Staying Sane

After having a completely terrible week, each day I would get home from work and try to figure out what it was that had me in such a funk. Outside of dealing with dumbass neanderthal customers for at least 5 hours at a time, I couldn't figure it out. But then I started to think back on the short happy moments I had during that week and I realized that I had been surrounded by people I love and care for. I'm gonna kickstart this post with a tweet from my dear angel Tasnim who had the warmth and wisdom of a 103 year old woman sitting on the sun. 

Tell me this isn't some A1 advice?! When she tweeted that, I screencapped it and it's been in my phone ever since. I look at it whenever I'm in a shitty mood and can't seem to figure out why. The cure will almost always be to have good company, even when you think you wanna be alone. You probably don't. Those moments at work when the store was pretty much dead and me and my coworkers would joke around at our registers were the best. Spending even just a little time with family members that I don't get to see often. Shit, even having a nice conversation with a customer would lift my mood tremendously. Sometimes the special snowflake introvert in me kicks in just a tad and I start to proudly humblebrag about how I love to be alone and spend time with myself but honestly? That shit gets old after a while, especially for someone like me who's a clingy little monkey that craves love and friendly interaction at least once a day to keep me going. You need coffee, I need love and affection.

Which brings me to my next point being that more specifically, you need to make sure you surround yourself with GOOD people! Not just anyone! People who you can trust, people who you know won't judge you, people you don't need to walk eggshells on around, people who you can fully be yourself with without feeling you need to hide something or act a certain way. People who bring out the absolute best in you and only ever put you in a good mood once you're done talking and hanging out. If you don't part ways with your peeps after talking/hanging out and mentally go "wow, that was poppin. I had fun. I'm glad I did that." or something else positively corny like that, then issa no from me dawg.

Now remember when I said the special snowflake introvert in me kicks in sometimes? Shez back. I'm not sure if this information is useful for extroverts or people who love to be around others even when they're taking a shit in the bathroom, but I know that eye personally need at least one day to myself every week. Completely alone. As I mentioned before, I had a shitty last week and I realized it was because I didn't have any time to myself. I had work 5 days out of the week and on those days I had to wake up early and was beat by the time I got home. Then I had to do the same thing the next day. Any days I did have off, I had to do something because birthdays in Capricorn season ain't no joke. This constant moving around and working and socializing with absolutely no time for me to chill and recoup resulted in me being an irritable bitch and a few customer complaints. Whoops. Even if I have a day to myself, just sleeping all day is fine. I don't need to sit and think deeply or analyze anything, I literally just need silence and time to gather myself. It's like sticking your head in the freezer during the summer or letting out that painful fart when no one is around. Refreshing and delightful.

If you absolutely cannot make time for yourself, at least give yourself something to look forward to everyday. It could be something small like getting a McGriddle from McDonald's before work, a nice lunch, or a dick appointment. Whatever it may be, just make sure that it gives you motivation to get through the day and perks you up a bit each time you think about it. Lately my perk is getting to stream Unsolved Mysteries when I get home while eating ice cream cake in bed with my plush robe on. Because that is the life that I'm about, son. Always have been.

Lastly, this is specifically for my peeps with generalized anxiety/social anxiety; do. not. dwell. You hear me? Stop it. Okay if you tripped up a little in front of a few people or you made a typo that everyone momentarily saw or stuttered during a serious moment while explaining something or asking a question. Lord knows I love to dwell over every little fucking thing I could've possibly done wrong every single day (which I'm still working on) and it puts me in a funk because it always begins the cycle of self-loathing and that's the last thing I need. Like ever. I promise you, all these little human mistakes that you've made that you think the whole world (or whoever you were interacting with at the time) is watching (and the paparazzi is flocking,,,) and laughing at you and judging you to the nines, don't matter. Like at all. It's been forgotten about like 5-10 minutes after the fact, I assure you. I'm a jittery little cashier who fucks up something everyday albeit counting change or scanning an item twice by accident. Shit happens and you really gotta learn to accept that and keep it pushing because Pastor Hannah Montana is here to deliver the word of God and tell you that nobody's perfect. You gotta learn to laugh at yourself sometimes, too. It makes the whole ordeal a lot more bearable. Trust me.

Life's too short to be replaying small slightly embarrassing moments and mistakes in your head when you could be recounting the last time you got your back blown out really good or that delicious cheeseburger you ate the other day instead. Relive all the good memories and moments, not the stupid bad ones.