WCW: Nicole Milfie

I decided to start a new series on my blog where each Wednesday I talk about my favorite women and female characters in an attempt to force me to be consistent with my writing. Then that way, I’ll at least be writing one post a week.  

It's only fair that I begin this by talking about the most iconic person on twitter, Taylor, otherwise known as the infamous Nicole Milfie. We weren’t that close but we were friendly mutuals that had funny conversations here and there. There were things she said that I didn’t agree with but I didn’t really care much because more than anything, I loved the fact that she had the balls to say even the most unpopular of opinions when she had tens of thousands of followers. 

Taylor’s twitter account was and still is an arsenal of life and creative advice that can apply to anyone. Men, women, creatives, sex workers, every fucking body. It would be impossible to look through all of her tweets and come to the conclusion that you didn’t find any of her words useful and applicable to your life. It is absolutely impossible. She was an internet personality that was larger than life on and offline, and to me, she accomplished a lot in her short life. Taylor secured herself a solid web presence that turned heads and turned her into a household name. Literally all she had to do was be her messy, innovative, and bold self, and the rest followed with ease because she had it like that. 

Milfie was also the quintessential anti-hero for me. She said shit that you hated sometimes and was problematic in her own way like everyone else, but you didn’t care because you loved her ballsy nature and the way she stood by her words and never buckled under pressure, even when she had a bunch of people coming for her. In fact, I began to love it when she posted unpopular opinions because she was far from being someone who possessed a groupthink mentality and followed the masses when it came to opinions on anything. Seeing someone like her who gives absolutely zero fucks about what anyone else thinks and if they oppose her thinking was literally a breath of fresh air to me on a platform where people en masse complain about unpopular opinions and being a contrarian being a "trend". You know why more and more people are voicing "unpopular opinions"? It's because we live in a culture where the majority rules and you need to agree with everyone else, otherwise you're fucked up and wrong. Just because it’s a popular opinion, doesn’t make it right. A lot of people agree and run with shit cause they’re scared to be themselves and go against the grain from time to time. Let's face it, I know it. You know it. On some Drake shit, we all know it. 

But I think as time progressed people got sick of that shit because why should I have to censor myself because some rando is gonna feel some kind of way? I learned a lot from Milfie just by seeing her perspective on things, not only because it was unpopular but because it was refreshing to see someone operate with a different mindset that didn't care about consequences. It's like she skipped way past the stage of, "But what will they think?" to "Who's gonna beat my ass for saying xyz?" Nobody will. Nothing will happen if you dare to fully express yourself, and that is the most important lesson I learned from her.

All the things you thought were good, the things you thought you were supposed to be, the things you thought you were supposed to do, Taylor was there to tell you the total opposite and give you a brand new perspective on life. She voiced her theories, concerns, and opinions on probably every single topic that’s run through your mind at least once and she never disappoints with her takes. From speculation on all aspects of pop culture and the media, to spilling the secrets of building an online brand and becoming an icon, you would have never been bored again if you followed Taylor. She was a creative genius with way more to offer us than we could ever give back and show appreciation for. 

Transparency was the name of the game for Milfie and I loved her for that a lot. It was nothing for her to openly talk about how sad or broke she was, embarrassing personal stories, hell she dragged niggas in a video with her titty out. She didn’t have a care in the world about how people thought about her or perceived her. The more attention, the better. And she was smart enough to know how to use that to her advantage. Because of her, I’ve grown more comfortable with thinking out loud and being from vulnerable with others. 

She had the ability to make you feel like you’re not alone while also reminding you time and time again that she’s an icon in a league that’s light years beyond you. Milfie was basically like the Princess Diana of the internet in my eyes, in the sense that she birthed a movement and left her mark on Twitter and internet culture as a whole, and especially in hoe twitter. But accompanying her iconic and popular presence was a unique and lovable soul with so much to give that everyone loved and passed too soon. A mind, body, and soul that people will mourn and remember and reminisce over for years to come, no doubt. 

Milfie was also like the Black female Yoda of Internet culture. She gave so much game on twitter, her podcast, and her tumblr on how to brand yourself, how to become an icon, how to get your following up, how to set yourself apart from a culture of people that were essentially all out to do the same thing; put yourself on the map, get clout, and make your mark in society. She was more than qualified to tell you hoes how to get shit done because she had already done it. Quickly and effortlessly so, everything she did and said came naturally to her. One of the most heartbreaking things about her passing is that you could truly see how far she had come already and the potential she had to take shit for herself even further.  A lot of you bitches and niggas, including myself, owe Taylor respect, props, credit, all that shit. A lot of folks on twitter wouldn’t be shit or know shit if it wasn’t for her presence. 

She’s given me ample confidence to simply be ME. The messy and outspoken bitch you see me being out here in these streets? I owe a lot of that to Taylor. Seeing her with such a high follower count and influence, having opinions and saying things she knows will piss people off and still sending that tweet anyway.. that’s really inspiring to me. She really taught me that you can’t please everyone, so why even bother? No matter what you do or what you say, there’s always gonna be people that have a problem with you so you may as well stand in your truth firmly with a glass of pinot grigio and not a single fuck to give.   

The embrace of all things messy and unpopular is what ultimately drew me to Taylor and her presence. She was the shining beacon of light that kept us grounded in reality and reminded us that it’s okay to be messy and imperfect. Everybody’s problematic in one way or another, so chasing perfection is boring. Be messy, be YOU, and be unashamed. If there was any real-life, prime example of being perfectly imperfect, it was Taylor. 

Long live Milfie. 🍒