Black Women, Choose Yourself

I know you probably don't want to hear this, as it's kind of a painful fact, but nobody is here for Black women. Not really here for us when it comes down to it. These people don't do anything for us past their "I love chocolate girls 😍" ass posts on social media. They go right back to their bullshit after they hit that post button and get the engagements they were looking for. 

Nobody is out here supporting Black women like that, especially financially where it really counts. Y'all not out here boosting our work, supporting BW creatives and activists that are actually doing good shit and are good people. Instead, everyone continues to cling to the same artists, entertainers, athletes, etc. that have the absolute most atrocious track record when it comes to black women. Rapists, pedophiles, sexual abusers, physical abusers, violently colorist men, men who have made their dislike and lack of respect for Black women clear time and time again. WHY you all continue to go up for them, especially Black women, is beyond me. 

These men continue to garner success and praise that many black women will never see for themselves because Black women don't ever choose themselves, they have no sense of self-preservation. No sort of restraint when it comes to engaging with these men. Black women swear there's some sort of mystical, spiritual tie that's pulling them, literally forcing them to support these men when it really doesn't exist and never has.

Black women need to tighten up and get more strict about who they amplify. Who they give their dollars to. Who they give their views to. Black women are the backbones of a lot of Black men's careers, our support can make or break their success but we don't exercise that control enough. Then after they blow up, they show out and diss Black women, even when the signs were probably there before. But a lot of you ignore it because the "help a brotha out!" headasses convince y'all to stay. I'm highly critical of Black men these days because it's like once they say/do one fucked up thing, it becomes a snowball effect that gets worse and worse where they show themselves more and more, so I like to catch them being trash as early as possible and nip it in the bud.

I'm actually starting to be convinced that a lot of Black women don't actually love themselves as much as they claim to if they're supporting people that hate them and would never have their best interest in mind. Do you realize how stupid you look still stanning someone like Kanye who idolizes white women/whiteness and has casting calls for mixed women only? Men like R. Kelly who are sexual abusers and predators who prey on Black girls because they know we won't get justice? Men like Floyd Mayweather who serial abuses Black women and supports Trump? That nigga can't even read. 

Those were just a few examples of the kind of people labeled as "problematic faves", when it goes so much deeper than that. It goes beyond the realm of being "problematic". Raping women is not "problematic". Being colorist is not "problematic" because as a dark skinned black woman, that shit is beyond disrespectful to me and my humanity in ways I cannot even begin to explain, I'll write you off real quick for that shit. Beating women is not "problematic". Your faves supporting another person doing all that shit is not "problematic", they're one in the same if they don't give a fuck about their fellow whatever doing that shit. If you're complicit with rapists, abusers, etc. you're no different. You not taking it seriously and caring like you should means that you're capable of doing the same shit. Don't @ me, take it up with god.

In the midst of that nutass Mayweather vs. McGregor fight, I was more than done with my timeline on twitter. Niggas was really going up for Mayweather because he's black. Literally that was the only reason. People that I followed, people that I knew knew better, were supporting Mayweather. "Well McGregor is racist so I have to cheer for Mayweather 😤." Or just grow a fucking brain and not cheer for either one of them? That's the shit I'm talking about. Y'all act like you don't have options when it comes to supporting trash Black people. NOBODY IS FORCING YOU TO SUPPORT THEM. You're not damned to hell for an eternity if you don't support a fellow Black person. Grow up, you always have a choice. You are not helpless. 

This is why these trash ass men keep prospering, cause Black women still feel the need to be there for them simply because they're black. Ain't y'all ever heard the phrase "all skin folk ain't kinfolk"? Black people are so quick to throw out coons like Don Lemon and Stacey Dash but will keep R. Kelly without a second though. "Disowning" and no longer supporting Black people shouldn't stop at coonery. Y'all need to have that same energy for these serial abusers, rapists, and misogynoiristic men cause that shit effects Black WOMEN too. 

I saw someone say that being a Black woman in a nutshell was having to root for Mayweather because he's Black and McGregor is racist, but being conflicted about it because of Mayweather's domestic violence. I said it before and I'll say it again; that is not what being a Black woman is. Black womanhood is not and will not ever fucking be contingent upon whether or not I support a Black man. Black men have NOTHING to do with my womanhood. Black womanhood should not be centered around Black men for any reason, in any context. That shit is for the birds. I could not relate to that tweet, as well as other Black women who have common sense, because I didn't feel obligated to support Mayweather because of his skin. Because I have common sense. 

I really need Black women to throw away that mindset that they're somehow chained to all Black men. Nobody is forcing you to love or support these dumb niggas who don't even like you. You. Look. Stupid. Y'all stay stanning for your "problematic" faves and you're conflicted about it every damn day because it's disrupting your peace of mind, because you know it's wrong. It's conflicting because these men have disrespected your womanhood and humanity as a Black woman. Let these niggas go and find someone better to support, they're not the end all be all. Find somebody who doesn't talk shit about Black women and dark skin. Someone who doesn't beat women like a punching bag. Someone who doesn't rape and prey on little girls. Someone who isn't a pedophile. I promise you you'll be better off knowing you're not contributing to the success of a trifling ass nigga. Not only that but it's also a form of self-love really. 

Choose yourself and choose your peace of mind. Fuck these dusty niggas. Don't let them prosper over you.