Top 5 Horror Films to Watch With Your BFF

Getting together with your friends is something that gets harder and harder to do as we get older. Relationships, children, and the drudgery of work can those moments of fun and frivolity rare, and for older Millennials and GenX, many of us simply don’t have the desire or energy to hit the club when we do have a chance to hang out. So what to do when you and your bestie’s schedules link up and you have an evening to yourselves? Make it a Blockbuster… I mean, Netflix, night! Call the babysitters, send bae an “I love you” text and relax with some horror films that pack a lot of nostalgia while still being wildly entertaining after all this time. Here’s my list of the Top 5 Best Films to Watch With Your Best Friend!

5. Gremlins (1984)


Gremlins is actually classified as a holiday film, but this treasure simply keeps on giving all year long! If you and your friends need a truly hilarious outlet. Adorable little Gizmo morphing into an army of pint-sized beasts which spread madness and mayhem all through the town is the underrated stress relief you need in your life, and if you and your bestie were kids in the 80s, the fashions (which GenZ now wears as vintage) will certainly lift your spirits! The more obvious moral of the story is that most tragedy can be avoided if one doesn’t go out of their way to ignore simple, basic directions, but the more subtle lesson here is not to dabble in cultures and practices that you don’t understand and don’t respect. Low-key, Gremlins was the first film on the dangers of appropriation!

4. Fear (1996)


Okay, so Fear isn’t actually a horror movie, or even a suspense. So why is it listed among horror, even though the film is technically a teen drama? Because the subject matter is one of the most terrifying things that any woman who dates men could possibly imagine: A partner who refuses to be dumped. Fear is grounded with powerhouse leads which breathe new life into the story of a boyfriend-turned-stalker and really highlight just how vulnerable women are when a dangerous person takes interest in us. This is a great one to watch with a friend, especially if you’re both single, because (although dating may be touch) Fear is a much-needed reminder that being alone is definitely preferable to fighting for your life. And no matter how many people come in and out of your love life, true friends have your back.

3. Cabin Fever (2002)


There’s something about horror movies in which a new variable tests a group of friends that always so compelling to watch. Think about it, do you really know a person until you’re in a life-or-death situation with them? In Cabin Fever, we watch what should have been a relaxing vacation devolve into a horribly disfiguring fight for survival. When shit gets real, people get real, too. And although I hope that you and your BFF never have your limits tested the way that these friends did, it is fun to watch them express how they really feel to one another, and what’s friendship without honesty?

2. Scream (1996)


Scream is the quintessential teen horror flick! One of the best slasher films of all time, the film features several faces of 90s teen royalty who haven’t worked in years. It’s the perfect film to snack to, laugh at, and reminisce with, especially if you’re watching it with your high school bestie! Chock full of “It” girls and boys, teen romance and drama, and mass murder in a small town, Scream is not just a great film to watch with a friend, it’s an important piece of horror movie history. Add to that the fact that Sydney Prescott earned every single ounce of her teen angst, and her problems in this franchise make yours pale in comparison, and you have a winner on your hands!

1. The Craft (1996)


If you have a friend who doesn’t love The Craft, you need to let that toxic ass friend go! There are over seven billion people on Earth, and you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life, beloved. Neve Campbell makes another appearance in this mid-90s gem featuring the ageless Rachel True and scene-stealing Fairuza Balk is filled to the brim with everything you need for some real nostalgia: dated pop-culture references, the best of 90s Catholic goth fashions, and an amazing alt-rock soundtrack featuring the hottest bands of the time! Watching a group of friends fall apart is a surprisingly fun way to spend the evening bonding with yours! Bonus: Despite a rather boring main protagonist, the other leads and supporting cast more than cover the spread, plus, we get to see sexual predators punished! Yay!