Accessories for Your Face

Accessories for Your Face

I dunno about y'all but I'm always looking for the next best thing to improve my skincare routine with, whether it be something like using face mists between each step or using a higher percentage of acids, I always want something new to improve my skin. Now that there's an array of tools and accessories in the skincare market, there's so many different things to choose from that can help make your products even more effective. It's like kitchen appliances and cutlery for your face. I love it. Cheers to being extra! *clink clink bitch 🍻*

Cotton Pads

But not just any cotton pads. Long gone are the days where we simply pick up any old kind of cotton pads while doing our CVS stop for some Dove soap and Q-Tips. From now on we will only use quality skincare products, including the tools we use to apply them. I've noticed when I use the cheaper cotton pads, they have these sharp pieces in them that I can feel when I'm rubbing it on my face which is no bueno. Just like every other product pertaining to K-Beauty, I truly believe that Asian beauty cotton pads are better. I briefly talked about the Muji Unbleached Cotton Pads in this post which you can't go wrong with. For those of you who prefer to apply toners and certain essences with cotton pads instead of your hands, the Selena Multilayer Cotton Pads are perfect since they can be split into super thin layers, which minimizes the amount of product that the cotton pad soaks up. They're also great for doing The Lotion Mask Method, especially for dry patches. I've also heard good things about the Shiseido ones. 

pH Strips

For the skincare nerds who like to know everything about their products including the pH. pH is extremely important especially for cleansers and actives. If an active's pH is too low or too high, it may be ineffective or too strong and irritating. Avina talks more about that in her post here. Just know that pH is really not something to play with, I think everyone who's into skincare and concerned about their skin (which should be everyone, really) should have basic knowledge when it comes to pH in skincare products. 

Muslin Cloths

Aka a flannel, skincare goddess Caroline Hirons has put me on to this. Each time she cleanses, especially for her first cleanse, she wipes it off with a flannel, or washcloth. This will get your skin super clean while also providing some gentle, physical exfoliation. I love doing this but I avoided it for the simple fact that I hated the idea of having to use a different wash cloth every night and it sorta felt like extra work, but I've grown to love it. I bought a pack of these muslin cloths specifically for my face. I use one each night when I do my first cleanse and remove my makeup. They honestly don't need to be anything expensive or special like the ones Eve Lom sells for like a pack of 3 for $20. Don't do that to yourself. You could even just use regular washcloths, but my mama ain't having that so I figured I may as well buy the muslin cloths instead of washcloths, since they're a tad gentler anyway.

Spatulas and Spoons

For the prissy girls and germaphobes who don't like to dip their fingers in their products because they find it unhygienic. Honestly speaking, yeah it might be unhygienic to keep dipping your fingers in your moisturizer or cleansing balm or whatever, but I've never had any problems with it. But I'm also not a dirty heathen and I wash my hands each time before washing my face so that's that on that. Using your fingers to scoop out product is not the end of the world, it's not like some fungal disease is gonna form inside of your jar unless you's a super dirty ass bitch. Even though you absolutely do not need this, it still feels luxurious and bougie to not use your fingers to apply product. I plan on taking it to the next level and getting a real life silver spoon for product application because that's what b(s)ad binches do now.

Italy Towels

If you're a crusty, scaly-skinned heathen like me you need this for body exfoliation. I prefer these over sugar scrubs, as scrubs are messy and do absolutely nothing for my keratosis pilaris-ridden skin. In a nutshell KP are those little dark dots on your skin that are raised and makes your skin feel plucky, hence its nickname "Chicken Skin". I've had this my entire life and I'm certain it's genetic, as my mother and plenty other women in my family have this. Exfoliation, physical and chemical, is KEY to managing KP. I don't think it's ever something that completely goes away, you just have to keep caring for your skin so that it won't come back. If you're not consistent, it will make its return like these unwanted horror film reboots and sequels that keep being made. Now, there is a specific way to use these, you can't just rub it on damp skin or whatever and expect it to work. Here's a reddit post I found in the Asian Beauty forum, just scroll down to the comment from sadstarfish.


I have oily skin so I don't see a great need for these for myself, but I will say that my skin doesn't look its cutest in the winter because of how dehydrated my skin gets from the cold winter air. I've noticed that my skin looks the best in the summer, it's always smooth and dewy. Why? Because of the humidity. A humidifier will basically be your gadget for summer skin, year-round. It's especially great for dry and dehydrated skin and for people who live in colder areas, or even just for the winter time. If you find that your skin becomes obnoxiously dry and dead in the winter, a humidifier may be the answer to your prayers. 

Silicone Cleansing Pads

If you're someone who doesn't like the idea of using your fingers/hands to clean your face then this is perfect. These cleansing pads are cheap and basically a Family Dollar version of the Foreo Luna since it's basically the same material, just not battery operated and with a different shape. The best thing about silicone cleansing pads that sets them apart from other tools and devices like the Clarisonic or a konjac sponge is that the silicone is antibacterial, which means there's really no chance of any kind of bacteria building up on the pad and getting back onto your face like it would with a cleansing brush. 

Sheet Mask Cover

Everyone who uses sheet masks is all but too familiar with the annoying stage of having to cosplay a mummy and stay still for 10-20 minutes while your sheet mask works its magic, otherwise that shit will be slipping and sliding everywhere like black folks at a cookout during the Cha Cha Slide. This thing is magical though because not only does it help keep your mask in place, it also keeps the essence from evaporating while you wear it. It's a silicone mask with holes that you hook on your ears to help it stay in place. You can also use this on bare skin in the shower to create a steaming effect. It's also reusable so you don't have to worry about repurchasing after each use. 

Sheet Mask Tablets 

Have you ever had a sheet mask that had so much essence left over that you just didn't know what to do with it because throwing it out would break your financially unstable heart? Or maybe you have an essence/toner/lotion that you love sooo much and wanna do a sheet mask with it, and now you totally can. These sheet mask tablets are the same concept as those little square washcloths you got as a kid that would unfold when you sit it in water. Pop this little bitch into your essence of choice and you got yourself a sheet mask, no need to throw away extra essence now.