SkinButtr Review

SkinButtr Review

I will forever stand by my belief that Instagram is the #1 plug for all things beauty. That Explore page is like a portal to a whole new world, on some Aladdin shit. Like a few other brands that I'll be talking about in an upcoming blog post, I discovered this on Instagram and fell in love with the brand immediately just based off of their aesthetics alone. For a long time I had trouble finding the right moisturizer for my body because I like to stay away from anything that isn't all natural. I'm definitely not one of those "I hate chemicals" faceasses, but when it comes to the skin on my body it's very prone to dryness and I see no point in using products like shit from Bath and Body Works that have a bunch of artificial fragrance and additives that do absolutely nothing for the skin. But on the other hand products like coco and shea butter can be very thick and hard to work with and I don't have the patience to spend 10 minutes rubbing in a thick ass butter that takes like an hour to absorb. And I'm too lazy to keep whipping shit on my own. So this brand falling into my lap was a sign from God herself that I should just buy these body butters and call it a day. 

As opposed to the skin on my face, the skin on my body (especially my legs) is dry and can get crusty real quick. I'm also an avid 150 degree shower taker who has keratosis pilaris, which I'm not gonna go into detail about because google is free but basically I have a bunch of small dark bumps on my legs. To ease the pain and hatred I have for the appearance of my legs I simply call them strawberry legs cause it's cute. Because they look like strawberries.

Strawberry Coconut Butter

And speaking of strawberries, let's talk about their Strawberry Coconut Butter. Whew bitch.

Though I haven't tried many body moisturizers, and I don't really plan to if we keepin it a bean, I don't think I'll even have to look any further. Not only does this moisturize my skin and KEEP it moisturized, but it also keeps me smelling like a fucking snack. I literally almost ate this when I opened it because it smelled that good. Unfortunately the scent doesn't last all day but it's strong and lasts for a good 2 hours after applying, then it slowly dissipates. It really doesn't bother me though because moisture is my #1 concern and this keeps my skin soft, baby ass smooth, and moisturized 24/7.

For 8oz of this strawberry goodness for $25, I'm not mad at all. It's a small business, products are all-natural, and it's owned by a black woman. I am not mad!!!

Cocoa Vanilla Butter

I also copped their Cocoa Vanilla Butter which also smells fucking beautiful. I'm very terrible at describing scents so just please believe me when I say it smells like warm, sweet, sensual, chocolatey bliss. Like a solidified, sexy cup of hot chocolate with a dash of vanilla. Yes. That's what it smells like. I'm fucking devastated that I bought the 2oz of this instead of the 8oz cause I fully intend to use the shit out of this and alternate this with a few other body butters I recently bought.

Just like the Strawberry Coconut Butter, this comes in a solid form that you'll have to scrape/scoop to get the product out but once you rub your hands together and warm the product up, it melts into an oily substance but it's not thick or heavy at all. I love using these before bed because they sink into the skin quickly unlike pure, un-whipped shea butter and don't leave any residue. This is also great if you're someone like me who's prone to having crusty heels. Just slather this shit on your feet, put some cozy socks on before bed, and your feet will be forever soft. 

Cocoa Vanilla Coffee Scrub 

I tried this out for the first time after shaving and whew it gave me the softest skin I can recall having in my 20 years of living. And like pretty much any coffee scrub, she's a messy bitch. The coffee is supposedly good for reducing cellulite, though at my big age I'm very much past moping over cellulite, as well as treating dry skin and eczema. After using this, my skin feels ridiculously moisturized and soft.

The only thing I don't like about this scrub is that it leaves a brown residue on the skin even after you rinse it off. I didn't notice it, because I'm brown and dark as fuck, until after I was applying the butters and my hands had a brown tinge to them after rubbing my body. So just make sure after using this to wipe down with a damp and dark washcloth to get the coffee residue off your skin. Especially if you white, cause I know y'all don't ever use washcloths. Since I love the results this scrub gave me so much, I'm willing to do that extra step and I plan on integrating this into my body care routine. I'll be using this at least 2-3 times week from now on. 

Don't be ashé, there is never any reason to be ashé. Give your coins to a Black woman and get moisturized in the process. You can cop these from