RoseRose Shop Haul + Review

RoseRose Shop Haul + Review

So a while ago I bought a bunch of samples and masks and stuff from RoseRoseShop, which is basically the plug for samples on K-Beauty products. It's based in South Korea so shipping prices are a bit high but there's so many cheap things on there, you can get so much for so little and so it's not like the shipping adds that much if that makes sense. My order was $27 then came out to $38 with shipping. I also believe that there's no specific flat rate for shipping, I think it just depends on how much you buy, how much it weighs, etc. I could be wrong though (that never happens tho). It took exactly a week for shipping and delivery which I thought was impressive because I always see people saying how shipping from South Korea can take weeks, so I was prepared to wait a while. 

I was on the hunt for new moisturizers since it's summer, I have oily skin, and most of the moisturizers I have are cream-based and I sweat easily, so that combo is a no-no. I specifically browsed for gel-cream formulas because they're literally the best of both worlds. I enjoy cream moisturizers but sometimes they can be a little too much. Gel moisturizers are cool but sometimes they're dehydrating and underwhelming and you have to layer them with other moisturizers in order for it to be effective. So what happens when you combine those two formulations? God. That's what happens. The Belif Aqua Bomb Cream was the first gel-cream moisturizer I've tried and I've been obsessed ever since, same for the Blithe Crystal Iceplant Pressed Serum. It's marketed as a serum but it has a nice gel-cream consistency and it definitely can double as a serum and moisturizer.

I picked out all of the gel-cream formulas that I could find on the site and unfortunately there weren't many, but I took what I could get. I also grabbed a couple of sheet masks that I'd been eyeing for a while. I initially tried the A'PIEU Strawberry Milk One Pack after receiving it in my first Bomibox and decided to try the rest of the line since they were only $0.73 each. As for the Dr. Jart mask, I am a sucker for nice packing despite a few of the lackluster reviews I read on it. Cause I'm dumb.


A'Pieu Coconut Milk Mask - This milk pack was made for moisturizing and that's tea. It has a clean and sweet candy-like smell, nothing like coconuts but it's nice still and it's not irritating or overwhelming. Like the other masks in this range, the essence is thin and milky. I love these masks because none of them leave your skin feeling tacky and coated like some sheet masks tend to do. Though I have oily skin that is rarely ever lacking hydration and moisture, I could still tell that this mask did exactly what it was intended to do because my skin felt great afterwards. There was plenty of essence left even after 20 minutes and it absorbed in no time after patting it in. My favorite part about this mask in particular though is that my skin was hydrated, moisturized, AND matte once I was done with it so I recommend this for those with oily/combo skin who're looking for a moisturizing mask that's not overpowering. I think this whole range in general is great for those looking to start using sheet masks.

A'Pieu White Milk Mask - This White Milk Pack is formulated to hydrate the skin with soybean and milk protein extract and I can attest to this. Like the pack, the essence literally looks like milk. My skin was definitely glowing even after it absorbed, I was sort of dewy in a non-sticky/greasy way which is what I ALWAYS aim for especially with my skincare. It does have an odd scent which is literally like sweet and sour? And I know that sounds repulsive but it isn't, I swear. It just reminds me of a sweet tree or something. Weird, I know, but it's not bad or anything. These were only $0.73 on RoseRose Shop so I definitely plan on buying these in bulk and adding it into my routine on a regular basis for even more hydration and softening.

A'Pieu Banana Milk Mask - This mask smells like straight up banana Laffy Taffy and I love it so much. Did I almost eat it? That's none of your business of course. This is meant for nourishing the skin which I guess means it's supposed to be an all-in-one kind of deal that hydrates, soothes, and moisturizes while delivering ingredients that are goood for your skin. Unlike the other masks from this range, the essence was slightly thicker which in turn left my skin feeling sticky even after it was absorbed. Since I have oily skin AND it's summer time, any stickiness is a no-no from me. If you have drier skin you may like this though. 

A'PIEU Strawberry Milk Mask - This one of probably my second favorite from the range, after the White Milk one. It smells ssooooooo fucking good like I seriously wanted to eat it. It smells EXACTLY like The Body Shop's Strawberry Body Butter. I didn't even want to take it off of my face while I was wearing it because I was having a grand ole time just sniffing this shit. It has strawberry, milk, and pearl extract for a hydrating and brightening effect which I could see afterwards, The brightening wasn't anything major since I don't expect much brightening from one-time use of a product, but it did a lil sum sum.

Dr. Jart Firm Lover Rubber Mask - Trash. I don't like her. For what?! I had high hopes for this product because of all the buzz it has and well, it's Dr. Jart ffs. It's a two step mask where you smear the ampoule onto your face and then put the mask on. The ampoule reminded me of coagulated milk which I hated, it was a little thick and lumpy. It also had a terrible scent that reminded me of menthol or a terribly fake lavender scent gone wrong. Now the mask itself is a very delicate and thin gel texture which I also hate because you can easily rip it just by pulling it out of the package. After 30 minutes of use I was disappointed. My skin didn't feel firmer or brighter but instead just felt dehydrated, sticky, and coated. The ampoule left my skin looking white and pasty which was not cute, my skin actually just looked worse overall after using this. Boo!


Missha Safeblock Essence Sun MilkThis has easily become one of my favorite SPF moisturizers. The texture is like it says, a milky essence. It's quite similar to the Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid Milk and the best part is that it leaves zero white cast, so it's great for all skin tones. I would say the finish is semi-matte, it just leaves your skin very smooth and looking properly moisturized which I like. If you have dark skin and looking for a K-Beauty SPF moisturizer, this is a good one to try.

Missha Safeblock Waterproof Sun Milk - Not pleased by this at all which is unfortunate because I'm in need of a good waterproof SPF. It's summer time and my only hobby right now is sweating profusely for no good reason, so I need for my SPF to be able to stay on all day. This is similar to the Soft Finish Milk, except it's slightly more creamier. The unfortunate thing they have in common is the white cast they leave on me which literally makes me look blue in the face. It's not ideal. This may work better for those with lighter skin but if you're dark like me, don't even bother.

Missha Safeblock Soft Finish Sun MilkThis SPF has an interesting texture, it's very thin and milky but it leaves your skin completely matte and slightly chalky. My skin looked super smooth and porcelain-like after it absorbed but along with the porcelain look comes the white cast. So again, if you're dark like me, don't even bother. The Essence Sun Milk will be the best one for you in the whole line.

Tony Moly Goat Milk Premium Moisture CreamI'm slightly in love with this cream. Even though it's hot and I'm oily, I love thick creams especially for night time. And I have this odd fascination with skincare products that have either donkey or goat's milk for some reason that I can't seem to figure out. This contains 50% raw goat milk which I'm weirdly happy about. Since it's hotter and I currently don't like going to bed with a sticky face I haven't really been using it, but if you have dry skin or you're looking for a good cream to use at night to keep everything sealed in, this is a good one. The texture is thick but nourishing since it also has ceramides, niacinamide, and shea butter to help moisturize the skin and repair the moisture barrier. Nothing but goodness all around.

Skinfood Waterberry Gel Cream + AmpouleI wasn't really wowed by either of these, especially the ampoule. I'm not even sure what the purpose of it is cause my skin doesn't feel any different after I apply it. As for the gel cream, it's your typical standard moisturizer. It leaves a matte finish which I kind of don't like when it comes to my moisturizers, and it could be a tad more hydrating and moisturizing. My skin still felt like it needed more after I put both of them on so they're kind of pointless to me.

Nature Republic Super Aqua Max for Combination Skin - I love love love this stuff, I'd buy the full version of it. It's a perfect gel-cream formula that's balanced and gives my skin the right amount of hydration and moisture. I like to use this on days when I'm going to wear foundation so that my base is a little more matte and less dewy, that way it'll last a little longer. I've also been using on really hot days and as my night-time moisturizer because like I said, it isn't heavy or anything and it doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky. It has an unmistakable cologne scent but it doesn't bother me since it fades quickly.


Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Moist Mist *(Moist is currently out of stock) -  I really don't remember specifically why I bought this? I just knew it was cute and it was like $5. Plus it's hot so why not have a face mist on hand. I bought the moist version instead of the sleek version (that one is recommended for oily skin) because I lowkey don't trust a lot of things that are marketed for oily skin. Plus a lot of face mists can actually be dehydrating so I took the safe route and went for the moisturizing one. The packaging is super cute and it has a nice fruity scent that you can't be mad at. I like to use this after I've set my makeup, to dampen my skin before moisturizers sometimes, and just to spray on my face when it's so hot I feel like I might die. I will be carrying this around with me during the summer like the cute bougie bitch I am.