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Glossier Wowder Review

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Glossier Wowder Review

Even though I already did a first impressions YouTube video, I wanted to do a more in-depth review on my blog because I tend to ramble and writing it would've been easier. 

As with every other Glossier launch, I copped this immediately and I got the duo in the shade Rich. I don't really need a powder brush but I did get the duo because it's actually more cost effective. If you get the powder by itself, it's about $27 total with the shipping. If you get the duo, it's $35 total with free shipping. The brush itself is $20, so why not spend an extra $8 for the duo and get a brush? Then, for first-time buyers you get a 10% discount through my rep link. We love economics and shit. 

I've been getting into makeup more lately and my goal right now is to find a holy grail product for each category. Lipstick, concealer, foundation, face powder, setting powder, etc. All that. I've got most of them except a few, including face powder. My favorite translucent face powder is the NARS Light Reflecting Powder but I don't know if I'd consider it a true holy grail, like I wouldn't shell out $37 again if I ran out of it. 

When it comes to a face powder I need something that:

  • Isn't cakey
  • Isn't too pigmented
  • Mattifies the skin
  • Good for traveling
  • Is natural looking

I feel like a lot of finishing powders tend to give you that powdery look no matter how much you put on and it drives me crazy. Even if someone is like "I can't even tell it's there!", well I can and I don't like it. I'm lowkey unrealistic with my makeup because I literally still want my skin to look like I just cleansed and moisturizer even after applying foundation and powder.  

A few weeks ago a link to all of Glossier's registered trademark names and products was leaked and among the list was Wowder, so you know I got hype as fuck. One of my favorite beauty brands coming out with a POWDER?! The skin tint is like nothing I've ever used before, it truly doesn't look like there's anything on your skin and it doesn't settle into fine lines. I literally use 95% of their products on a regular basis and all the makeup gives such a natural skin-like finish, so of course I was excited for them to formulate a powder. I trusted them to make something that, like the rest of their makeup, would let your skin still look like skin.  

Wowder is basically described as the powder that pretty much meets all of my requirements for the perfect face powder. It claims to blur the appearance of pores and mattify while not flattening the skin and leaving that dreaded powdery finish that makes your face look like a dusty chalkboard.


It comes in 3 adaptable shades, similar to the Skin Tint: light/medium, dark/deep, and rich. On one hand I'm worried that with such a limited range it may not suit a lot of people, but on the other hand it is supposed to be adaptable and sheer so maybe it won't be so tricky to work with. It really just depends on your skin tone.

The Rich shade in all their makeup products are about 2 shades darker than me which I don't mind because I'd rather my makeup be a little darker than be lighter than me. With Glossier's range and philosophy, I don't expect anything to fit me perfectly so everything is supposed to be broad and sheer anyway. I just want other people to keep that in mind when shoppping at Glossier and to change their expectations a bit.  

The undertone of Rich is definitely neutral, I would say. It's not warm on me but it's definitely not cool toned. So if you have dark skin just be careful when getting this powder because it's very easy to look ashy when apply neutral-toned makeup. I find that over foundation, this tends to give my skin an odd tint so I prefer to wear it alone or over the Skin Tint.  

Wear Time

For oily skinned girls, you can probably get a good hour or two before the oil starts to peak through which is why I'm kind of adamant on stating that this is best for touch-ups or for people who just want a little something to tame the oil. This will not set full coverage makeup and this will not make your makeup last all day, for sure. It's just not that kind of powder. Like everything else in the line, I do think this is for those that prefer a natural look.  


So here's the gag. This powder is .25 oz for $22. If you compare this with other loose powders like the Laura Mercier Loose Translucent Powder which is $38 for 1 oz, you're kind of paying more than you should. I'm not gonna lie, especially since you'll have to reapply this you'll run through this a little quickly. If Wowder was a full ounce it would be $88 so yeah, no. But like any other product, it's all up to you and what you wanna spend your money on. 


They did not lie when they said it blurs the skin. While I do like the brush that came in the duo, I prefer to use a dense, dome-shaped brush like the ELF Ultimate Blending Brush to apply it and buff it on for the ultimate blurring effect. Plus you get a little more coverage that way. It does transfer a bit, especially when the oil comes through. There's no creasing at all with this and it doesn't add any cakey texture to the skin, it just looks matte and smooth after applying. 


It comes in a pink circular container with a bouncy trampoline net vs. holes for the sifter which I love. You just gently push the brush into the net and the powder comes out. It doesn't really go back under though, which can get messy cause if you open this upside down while there's powder out, it's game over. People have said the packaging is tacky and they hate it but I really don't give two shits, I love it. It's cuter than most loose powders as well as travel friendly, I wouldn't mind being seen with this in the ladies bathroom. 


Mica, Silica, Boron Nitride, Kaolin, Polymethylsilsesquioxane, Diamond Powder, Chlorphenesin, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Dimethicone. May Contain/Peut Contenir (±): CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide), CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499 (Iron Oxides)

The ingredient list is pretty minimal and is overall safe as well. There's no potential acne triggers, though everyone's skin is different, with only two ingredients scoring a 3 on the Cosdna analysis, everything else being a 1 and 2 for safety. The titanium dioxide and tocopheryl acetate scored a 3 for safety.

The key ingredients to this are: 

Diamond powder: Can also be found in the skin tint, this ingredient is what prevents the powder from making the skin look flat while providing a smooth blurring effect

Kaolin Clay: Since it's finely milled, the clay aids in oil absorption and sinks into the skin instead of sitting on top and looking cakey. 

Vitamin E: Allows the powder to be mattifying without being drying or dehydrating. 

So to recap: 


  • doesn't add texture to the skin
  • mattifies while still looking natural
  • travel-friendly  
  • doesn't add extra coverage
  • blurs skin and gives a softened effect  
  • talc + paraben free
  • cruelty free
  • no flashback


  • not long lasting for oily skin
  • not ideal for setting heavier makeup
  • not cost effective for price per ounce
  • limited shade range 

I probably would not purchase this again even though it's almost perfect, only because I personally loathe doing touch ups during the day. I need a powder that's gonna make my skin stay matte for as long as possible without me having to touch up frequently, so I'd give it a 4/5.

You can purchase Wowder here, and if you're a first-time shopper you can get 10% off your purchase. ♡