My Favorite Wigs

My Favorite Wigs

I never thought of myself as someone who would wear wigs on a regular basis because I assumed all of them would be super wiggy looking and obvious, but once I got my first wig in high school it was a wrap. Once I started wearing wigs, I never wore a sew-in again and I still probably won't since wigs exist and are way easier to deal with. You can either clip that bitch on or sew down the perimeter and be on your merry way. 

I wear synthetic wigs since I'm ballin' on a budget but also I don't know how to sew anything and quite frankly I'm scared to learn. Don't ask me why. So I just throw my wigs on and secure them with the combs that come with it and some bobby pins and I'm good. I dare a bitch to try to snatch this Outre! 

I've worn a bunch of wigs over the last few years, some of them I honestly can't even remember the name of but I remember these wigs in particular because they always made me look like I was living my best life.

Fingercomber - Honeycomber $88

The most expensive of the bunch also happens to be my absolute favorite of the bunch. I've had this wig for over a year and it still looks fine. I was hesitant to buy it at first because I've heard bad reviews about the hair tangling and the wig being completely trash after that, but I took my chances anyway because I've never seen a synthetic wig like this and the curl patters they offer are so unique. That's a big part of the reason why I was even willing to bite the bullet and buy an $88 synthetic wig in the first place; you honestly won't find a wig like this anywhere else. 

The wig does get tangled because it is synthetic after all, but on the flip side I wouldn't recommend even trying to comb or brush through these wigs period. I wouldn't suggest that with any curly synthetic wig in general, really. The whole look of the Fingercomber wig is supposed to be big, kinky, messy, and curly, so just try to keep it as untouched as possible by doing things like keeping it on a mannequin, not laying down with it on, etc. I've managed to keep this wig for a year now with no problems, every time I put it on it looks good. 

It's a half-wig so you need leave-out, but not a lot. I section about half an inch of hair and braid it since the wavy texture of my natural hair braided out matches this wig perfectly. Better than doing a twist out imo since the majority of the strands are wavy and only the ends are curled. I also got the wig in a #2 (Darkest Expresso) since my natural hair is more of a dark brown.  

 Necklaces from Dxie Graze. 

Necklaces from Dxie Graze. 

Model Model Oval Part Wig - $17

I have a new rule now that when I get wigs/bundles, I only get yaki textured hair. I'm really over trying to force my hair to blend in with textures that are not found on my scalp or in my DNA whatsoever, that bone straight silky shit is dead. It's been a little harder than I thought finding synthetic yaki textured wigs because although there are some out there, there definitely aren't that many from what I've found on my search so far. 

I ordered this wig from Glamourtress, my favorite site to order wigs from along with WigTypes, because I wanted to wear my hair straight in a middle part but I needed something to match my hair texture since I wanted to wear some of my real hair out. In addition to silky hair, I'm also kind of over wearing lacefronts, at least for now. It lowkey makes me anxious because most of them do not look realistic in person if we keepin' it real chief. I don't want nobody to be in my face, having a conversation, and their eyes keep darting from my face to my part 'cause they tryna figure out what the fuck them lil boxes is. Not to mention my braiding skills are not the tea so I don't ever really have the flattest foundation for my wigs to be laid on, so I just opt for wearing my own hair out cause it's way easier for me at this point.

This wig has the perfect natural, yaki texture, it's like relaxed hair basically. I left out as little hair as possible on the top along with my perimeter and straightened it to the gods with my cheap little flat iron. And lo and behold. 




The texture is perfect because it's not too straight and not too kinky at all, has a low/medium luster, and it's super soft. Plus the wig has a nice amount of fullness imo. I've had the Bobbi Boss Yasmin wig which is the same as this but the hair on that one is a bit too sleek for my tastes and the hair isn't as full either. If the Model Model wig had clips instead of combs like the Bobbi Boss unit does, I would literally give it a 5/5 because clips > combs. The security!

Outre Annie - $13

Another kinky straight fave of mine, this one isn't as straight as the former and is more of a straight blowout texture. It's a lot fuller as well. This is also another half wig like the Fingercomber that doesn't require a lot of leave out at all. It's way more soft and lightweight than I was expecting it to be and it's not stiff at all, it's full but it has a lot of body and movement. 



Bobbi Boss Yara - $40

I bought this last year after seeing everyone raving about it on youtube and twitter, plus I wanted to try something short since it was summertime and I sweat profusely for no reason. It's a straight bob with a slight yaki texture so it's super natural looking and doesn't require much to make it work at all. 

Photo on 6-15-17 at 11.37 AM #3.jpg

The second picture is the wig like straight out of the box, I never plucked the part on this wig or anything. I did have my hair braided under but to make it lay down flatter I wear a wig grip under it so the lace lays flatter and it's seamless. I don't know how the grip works with the wig to make it lay so nicely, but it's like magic. In these pictures I was wearing a wig cap and the wig grip:

 Like lowkey.. WHAT LACE!

Like lowkey.. WHAT LACE!

Freetress Tabia - $36

If you want SZA-inspried hair, this wig is it. It's have a big, messy wavy texture with a low luster so it's a bit more natural looking as opposed to shinier wigs with a higher luster. It has a 4x4 inch parting space so you can where the part however you want or wear it flipped over with no part at all. 


I customized the hairline on this a bit so that the lace isn't showing as much because I don't like to glue down my frontals/wigs with gel like Got2Be or Gorilla Snot so the baby hairs help to cover up the lace a little bit. As you can see from the second picture as opposed to the first picture this hair looks better when you work with it and style it in a way that compliments the body of the hair by going with something more low maintenance and messy, rather than forcing it to lay flat. Yes I just shaded myself! 

Sensationnel Betty - $12

This was one of my favorite wigs when I was in college because it was basically like a hat and I didn't need any leave-out, I could just throw it on in the morning and go. I had it in the color #4 which was my first time buying a wig that light since I wanted to try something new. The color was a really nice chocolatey brown color that complimented my skin sooo nicely. Ya girl bouta cop another one right now just from thinking about how good a #4 looks on dark skin. Wuaw!

Photo on 3-4-16 at 7.16 PM.jpg
Photo on 3-4-16 at 8.01 PM #2.jpg

It looks scary straight out the box but you really have to run your fingers through it to separate the curls so it doesn't look so wiggy. Looking back, I could've definitely brushed it out some more but we are not here to talk about my past transgressions today.

Freetress Afro Wig, Large - $16

I loved this wig a lot but there was something I also hated about it, which was the courage it give for white people to talk outta their asses and inspired me to write my very first blog post. The stares, the whispers, I even had a white woman at my job at the time sneaking pictures. Y'all are a trifling. I stopped wearing this wig after a few weeks and completely retired it because the attention it was giving me from white people was giving me anxiety and making me extremely annoyed, my anger was teetering on the edge of getting me fired really. 

If it weren't for you meddling motherfuckers, I would've served more looks in this wig. I tried to follow this tutorial when I got it to help give the hair some definition and shrink it a little bit but it didn't work because I was being lazy and didn't dip the wig in hot water to set the curls. So don't be like me, dip the damn wig. 


I guess this wig was believable for the most part, though? I even had Black people asking me if this was my real hair so I guess that counts for something. Being the troll I am, I lied to every person who asked and told them this was mine. I mean it technically is my hair, I bought it, and it's on my head so that's that on that.