What We Not Finna Do


The whole concept behind this book is that a lot of women find themselves in situations when it comes to dating, casual or serious, that are abusive, manipulative, and traumatizing in the end. It's become so common that it's actually alarming to me how often women go through this. And we don't know how to handle it a lot of the time. We don't know how to avoid it, how to fix it, how to heal ourselves when we do go through those things. So we inadvertently end up perpetuating those cycles and putting ourselves back in those bad situations because we don't know any better.

I'm obviously not an expert of any sort and I haven't had a ton of boyfriends either. But I have been through and seen enough in order to learn the error of my ways (and other's ways) and take from that. I'm personally not the kind of person that needs to go through a million different relationships and terrible situations in order to learn my lesson, I get it clearly the first time. Each time I've been hurt and mistreated by a man, it makes me look inwards and become a more introspective person. When I go through tough times like that, I go into solitude and I revisit my memories. I think about everything that happened in that situation; what led to it, signs I missed, what role my actions played, what role the other person's actions played, what I could've done to prevent it from happening, etc. The whole nine yards. I think about it in my head on a loop until there's nothing left to think about. 

I take those lessons and that newfound knowledge and store it in my head for the future. And that's what the culmination of this book is, really. All the wisdom and lessons that I've amassed thus far from my experiences is what I want to share with other women. I'm a very sensitive person, I guess you could even say I'm an empath. When I feel, I feel it hard. Whenever something bad happens to me in a relationship it hits deep and throws me for a loop every single time, and I know that's the case for a lot of other women too. We get involved with these men and get ourselves into these situations where we really don't know what we're getting ourselves into. I wanted to share all that advice that I had with y'all in order to prevent women from getting into potentially abusive and traumatizing situations in the future with men that leave them feeling broke, hollow, and completely devastated. 

I called it "The Broken Girl's Guide to Lovebecause let's face it, a lot of us are broken in more ways than one. And that can have terrible consequences when gone unchecked, especially when you're dating. Nobody understands us broken girls the way we do, nobody truly knows how we operate. It might sound backwards but I figured that getting advice from a broken girl who's actively working on healing herself and has found the error in her ways, would be better than advice from someone who thinks they know everything about you and how you move in this game of love. Sometimes it's just better and more interesting to have insight from the source, ya know? It's like taking a look inside the mind behind the madness.